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Impartant commenced as an online boutique art gallery, with a special focus on contemporary abstract art. What moves us is to open borders to artists with innovative visions and new ways of representing the world that surrounds us, its elements and develop emotional response.

This collection brings together works of various techniques and materials, with a strong impression of authenticity of each artist. You can choose the work that you like the most or commission a particular artist based on specific measurements or customized requests.

Josefina Campino, owner and founder of Impartant. 

I am Chilean and graduated in Business Administration, also having a master’s degree in Marketing. I developed a successful career in Marketing for more than 10 years in various multinational companies.

I have always lived surrounded by art. My mother was a very visionary and innovative textile artist working with large pieces of patchwork, preparing the concept and design she was looking for, and dyeing the color of her fabrics to match the specific tonality she desired. A talented artist!

At the end of 2019 I moved with my family to live in Denver, Colorado, where Impartant was born.

I personally invite you to be delighted by the marvelous works of these very talented and unique artists!!